Our Crew

Precision Exotics is the culmination of multiple individual’s life experiences & passions combined into one idea. Our team has over 50 years of combined military or military related experience, most in the aviation sector. We also have many years in the exotic automotive industry ranging from maintenance, operations, sales, driving experiences, driver training & professional driving. We bring our combined knowledge & experience to the table along with our professionalism & passion for military aviation & fast cars so we can offer something never before seen in the airshow industry.

Founder & President: Eric Nelson

Eric enlisted in the Marines at 18 & served 8 years where he spent the majority of his career attached to different aviation units. After his second enlistment he transitioned from the military & began working for different defense contractors. In all, he spent more than 15 years in the service of his country & in late 2012 he left the defense industry to pursue his passion for the exotic car world. Within a year of working with a well established exotic car rental company he was tasked with creating an entirely new region for new operations where he received the title as General Manager. At the conclusion of that task he began to contemplate his own idea of how to mix his two passions for aviation & exotic cars. That’s when Precision Exotics was born.

Chief Operations Officer: David Parradee

Dave honorably served 6 years in the Air Force before taking what he’d learned & applying it to a civilian career. He spent many years in the defense industry where he utilized his skills & experience to help a private aviation company become a premier defense contractor. After making a name for himself in the military aviation community he was hired by NASA where he worked at the prestigious Dryden Flight Research Center. After reaching the pinnacle of aviation opportunities & serving his country honorably for decades, he decided to retire from aviation & pursue his passion for exotic cars. His experience with aviation & his impressive resume that boasts multiple leadership roles makes him the perfect choice as Precision’s Operations Officer.



Chief Financial Officer: Ruth Nelson

Ruth entered the labor force at a young age and through diligence and hard work has built a very impressive resume. She pursued a career in customer service and eventually found herself in financing. While she never spent time in a specific military branch, she performed her patriotic duties by working in the defense industry for a well-established aviation contractor for years. Ruth holds two bachelor of science degrees from the University of Central Florida, one for Finance and the other for Accounting. She spent years with a multi-national bank and currently holds a position with a multi-billion dollar corporation in the treasury department. She is extremely well versed in corporate finance and shares a strong passion with the rest of the team for military aviation and exotic cars.

Director of Operations: Tommy Morgan

In 2001 Tommy became a franchisee of the Line-X company where he developed effective & efficient business practices. Within 4 years he had built one of the most profitable Line-X dealers in the region. Through dedication, hard work & a professional work ethic, he established himself as a successful business owner. In 2008 he decided to sell his company to pursue his next adventure. He is an avid health nut & spends every second of his spare time enjoying his passion for healthy living. It was this passion that lead him to become an independent distributor for his second business endeavor with Advocare. He has since built that business to a point where it’s self-sustaining & is free to pursue another of his life’s passions for exotic cars by joining Precision Exotics.

General Manager: James Keith

Shortly after joining the work force James became an assistant manager of a parts department at a recreational vehicle retailer. He received high praise from his management team & was taught the finer points of business management. In the interests of career advancement, James took an opportunity & became an assistant manager of a GNC nutrition store. His potential, integrity & work ethic were quickly recognized by his superiors & he was given the opportunity to run his own GNC store. It wasn’t long after being given this opportunity that he really started to come into his own. He turned a sub-par performing store into one of the highest grossing stores in his area. He has excelled at every opportunity he’s been given & we expect nothing less from him at Precision Exotics.

Chief Adviser: Deo Harrypersaud

After graduating from high school Deo enlisted in the Marine Corps where he served honorably for 5 years before submitting an application to the premier naval flight demonstration team, the Blue Angels. In 2005 he became a member of this elite group & within a year was selected as the #7 crew chief. Being a member of such a respected organization is impressive to say the least but being selected as the #7 crew chief is something else entirely. The #7 is the only 2 seat version in the group, & as the crew chief he was responsible for traveling ahead of the rest of the team with the aircraft to perform all matters of logistics prior to the arrival of the entire crew. His experience with the Blue Angels will be invaluable to Precision Exotics as we pursue this new endeavor.