Description of what Precision Exotics offers air show producers:


Typical event details for a 2-day weekend show:


  • Team arrives in the evening & checks into the hotel.


  • Team arrives on the show grounds in the morning to begin set-up.
  • Team representative attends the air-boss practice brief where we decide upon & finalize our performance details.
  •  After the brief we perform all media obligations, incentive rides (not drives) & practice our performance.
  • We attend the social event (if applicable) to display our vehicles & will perform more incentive rides from the social assuming the event is in close proximity to the runway.
  • We will offer a performance for twilight/night shows when applicable if still during daylight hours.


  • Team arrives on the show grounds 1 hour prior to gates open to begin set-up.
  • From gates open to gates close we offer one or more of our driving experiences.
  • Team representative attends the air-boss brief.
  • We “knock it off” as needed to accommodate aviation traffic & show performances.
  •  We do our show performance when scheduled.
  • We attend the social event (if applicable) to display our vehicles & will perform more incentive rides from the social assuming the event is in close proximity to the runway.


  • Essentially a repeat of Saturday.
  • At the conclusion of the show, we pack up and return to the hotel for the evening.


  • We check out of the hotel, return to the airfield to connect to the trailer & then leave town.

Special Details:

  • The show gets 10 “Incentive Rides” (NOT DRIVES) to be distributed by the airshow at their discretion.
  • The show gets 1 performance per air show day.
  • Show provides lodging for duration of the event. (3 rooms when offering the “Precision Extreme Drive” (runway shots) & 5 rooms when offering the “Precision Autocross”)
  • Show provides fuel. (up to 500 gallons of diesel or jet fuel)
  • We can possibly arrive earlier if desired assuming the hotels are provided.
  • We can possibly stay longer if desired assuming the hotels are provided.
  • We are more than happy to attend any “pre-show” events that help to enhance the draw and community outreach of the show.
  • We are also happy to attend any “school visits” to display the cars with the youth as well as give auditorium/classroom presentations where we discuss the importance of education, smart decision making & safety in driving without electronics.
  • We understand the importance of community outreach and how extremely important it is for the local community to support every show we attend. We’re happy to offer these outreach options in order to enhance the community’s vision of the show.
  • We know that some shows don’t have room for us to operate during the actual flying hours of the show and therefore we hold our operations until the last air act is complete.
  • Our “Precision Autocross” is designed on a case by case basis determined by the size of the space allocated using 6-inch traffic cones which is then lined with baseball foul line field chalk. The chalk is not permanent and essentially disappears after the first rain fall. Our typical footprint is no smaller than 300’ by 500’. We can use that small of a space and still design a track about 0.4 miles long. However, the more space we can have, the easier it is on the cars and the better the experience is for your/our customers. In the instances where the autocross is set-up on a closed TWY or RWY, we need 800’ of that type of surface. We can set-up the driving course “remotely” from the crowd area. For example; we use our vehicle towing trailer as our customer registration center. This needs to be somewhere in a “high traffic” area of spectators. However, the cars & course itself can be set-up away from the crowd in a different area of the airfield. We just require a shuttle vehicle and a volunteer to transport our customers to and from our trailer & the driving course. The foot print for the trailer is 75’ by 35’.
  • Our “Precision Extreme Drive” is essentially a 150 MPH runway shot. We need a minimum of 5,000’ of “usable” driving surface to hit our advertised 150 MPH and still have enough distance to safely stop. We are all ex-military aviation types that know the rules, regulations and standard aviation operating procedures. Each car has its own 2-way VHF communication, the same as any other airfield aircraft. Our procedure for runway shots is essentially no different than an aircraft performing a high-speed taxi test. We treat ourselves like any other aircraft maneuvering on controlled surfaces. We get in sequence the same as any other aircraft would. In this instance a footprint of 75’ by 35’ is necessary to accommodate our customer registration space.

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Here’s a list of air show individuals we have worked with in the past who will be happy to provide a professional reference:


Air Bosses:

Wayne Boggs

Ralph Royce

Donna Flynn



Rob Reider

Matt Jolly

Ken Hildebrandt



Ken Fowler

Mike Goulian

Jeff Shetterly


Military Air Show Producers:

Maj Matthew “Cain” Olde
Wings Over Wayne/Seymour-Johnson AFB

LCDR Susan Beckman
NAS PAX River Air Show


Civilian Air Show Producers:

Jim Reith
Abbotsford International Air Show

Christa Thomas
Gateway to Florida Air Show